AAEGE Israel, supporting alumni from French–Speaking Academic Institutions in Israel since 2003

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AAEGE Israel, supporting alumni from French–Speaking Academic Institutions in Israel since 2003

Like everywhere in the world, personal networks are of great importance in the successful integration of new immigrants into the Israeli society. Professionals emigrating from France to Israel (olim) lack the private networks that their Israeli born peers have built over the years through their school, military and university experiences. In order to fully integrate into their new society, Olim need to quickly create new networks for mutual aid and solidarity

The AAEGE Israel NGO is there to help them achieve just that…!

Due to the high quality of education, Alumni from the “Grandes Ecoles” and Universities from French speaking countries living in Israel bring a wide range of skills, thinking and orientation, contributing greatly across the full spectrum of the country’s social and professional fabric. Due to the unique nature and structure of the French education system, even in comparison to its EU partners, European directives have led France to begin the process of reengineering its degrees and qualifications. However, this process will take years and meanwhile, the recognition of certain French diplomas in Israel (often the lack of recognition) still poses major problems: many French graduates need our help to deal with administrative barriers in Israel – the AAEGE Israel NGO is there to help…!

Europe is Israel’s largest trading partner, but the level of scientific and cultural trade between France and Israel remains well below that of other European countries. France needs to develop a wider and more effective network of contacts in the commercial, scientific and cultural fields: This can be achieved through the development of well integrated and expansive networks which in both countries, France and Israel. The AAEGE Israel NGO has established itself as a key partner to administrations, centers of excellence and enterprises in the both countries, providing a range of opportunities for its members to participate in the development of bilateral relations.

The Association of Alumni from French-speaking Academic Institutions in Israel (AAEGE Israel) was founded in 2003. Its strength lies in the profound conviction that the successful involvement of French-speaking academics in Israel can be better achieved through mutual support among its members.

Thus, the AAEGE Israel NGO has set the following objectives:

  • Contribute to the social and professional integration of alumni from “Grandes Ecoles” and Universities living in Israel or intending to settle there.
  • Strengthen and encourage the personal, professional and friendly relationships among its members
  • Contribute to the development of exchanges between France and Israel in the economic, scientific and cultural fields.
  • Contribute to public debate in Israel by bringing our knowledge of both societies.

The AAEGE Israel NGO has equipped itself with modern communication tools (internet, social networks, etc.), has adopted a Code of Ethics and defined clear operating rules. Its work is anchored in the field and its primary resource remains the time given to the Association by its members, who are all volunteers and often personally donors. They bring tools and support services to those in need and organize the professional and social activities of the Association.

Registered as Charity under Israeli law (not-for-profit organization), AAEGE Israel now needs to build up a modest operating budget to maintain its current operations , support its lean structure and develop much required new support activities for its members. The AAEGE Israel must also meet a greater demand from students and graduates living in French speaking countries asking us to build remote online help for them (online training, information and advice, remote mentoring, etc.).

If you share our vision and want to help us
Please either send a mail to contact@aaege-israel.org  or use the « Donation » form on the website