Pitch presentations de start ups – Business Entrepreneurial Experience innovative Université Tel Aviv

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Quand :
11/06/2014 @ 15:00 – 17:30
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Université de Tel Aviv
Haim Levanon Street
Tel Aviv-Jaffa
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Come to Tel Aviv University’s very own Pitch Event

TLV BEE START UP PITCH CONTEST Hear Entrepreneurs pitch their start up ideas, over beer and snacks!

 Mercredi 11 Juin 18:00 – Université Tel Aviv


 18:00  | Refreshments and Networking 

 18:30 | Greetings:

 Prof. Yoav Henis, TAU Vice President

Gilad Arditi, Chairman of TAU Students Union

Oren Simanian, Chairman of StarTAU

 19:00 | Professor Simon Litsyn

 19:30 | Competition of the BEE initiatives

 BEE  is the exclusive Business Entrepreneurial Experience Program of Tel Aviv University

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BEE ventures inlcude:

1. Mall street 
The street in your hand, a new urban experience.

2. Estilo

combines stylists and fashion brands in order to fit the consumer the best look. The customer can upload photos and share personal information such as: sizes, favorites colors, type of event etc. using it, stylists can fit customers with unique outfit.

3. PhysioCare 
An innovative wearble tech product in the field of physical therapy that helps patients exercise accurately and efficiently, allowing the therapist to examine and analyze the patient’s exercise at home.

4. Symbios us

5. Emptor
a unique platform that enables genuine writers to earn E-commerce affiliation money.

We offer seamless and and transparent API that takes a simple article in a blog and transform it into a sell story.

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