Gvahim Non-Profit – événement de networking à Tel Aviv

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Quand :
02/04/2014 @ 15:30 – 18:00
Où :
Hub TLV, 7e étage sur le toit
Derech Menachem Begin 55
Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Coût :
30 NIS en ligne, 40 NIS sur place
Contact :
Gvahim site
Gvahim Non-Profit - événement de networking à Tel Aviv @ Hub TLV, 7e étage sur le toit | Tel Aviv-Jaffa | Israël

Nonprofit Happy Hour Networking: Spring 2014

The Gvahim Non-profit committee invites you to a fun, rewarding, and interesting networking evening that will add an interesting spin to some of our past events…

Please note that this event is taking place at 55 Derech Begin, Hub TLV, 7th floor rooftop space (see map).


18:30-20:30: Registration, networking, and fueling social innovation (more on that later)

The event is a great cocktail of socializing, connecting, and creating partnerships: We all want to get closer to getting to answers, and can help each other do that, sharing and exploring what we need to know about jobs, niches, specific new ideas, and even the broader questions about our nonprofit world.

Also, you will be a part of social innovation yourself by becoming involved a great new 4th sector project, without breaking a sweat. How? In two simple ways:

First, We want this to be an effective, productive, and interesting networking event that is not only a fun and relaxing way to meet peers, but works to prompt everyone to get involved with each other as much as possible – those with skills to share and those with niches that need filling. So the event’s success hinges on you taking just a minute to answer a few basic questions about yourself during the registration process:

1. What is your current place in life and where are you based? (i.e. employed, searching, part-time, hiring, freelance, etc.)

2. What specific career path(s) are you personally most interested in following or discovering as your career develops in the nonprofit world? (i.e. employee or organizational management, resource development, etc.)

3. What skills/expertise can you offer to others in our field and beyond (i.e. I know social entrepreneurship, know who’s hiring for a position, or am an expert at using social media tools, etc.)

4. What skills/ expertise do you want to learn more about (i.e. international foundations, planned giving, board development or relations, looking for work in… etc.)

This info will be shared with everyone who attends, and will greatly improve the flow of our gathering and help to make your networking interactions all the more powerful and beneficial. We all have much to offer and much we need – and facilitating some of those interactions will be much easier with your help!

Second, hosted in a dynamic location, Hub TLV, we are partnering with an organization that represents an idea: “Ztedek Bar” is a 4th sector business that shares all proceeds of it’s catering services with social entrepreneurship projects from across Israel.

By joining us, we will all be exposed to great people and ideas while actually helping to raise funds for the social causes that are leading in a global march towards sustainable social value creation. It’s micro-philanthropy and micro financing all wrapped into one.

Have a free drink, light refreshments, and join us for a great time!


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